510 Thread Buttonless Bud Touch Stylus Kit - 1ml– Vape Mood
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510 Thread Buttonless Bud Touch Stylus Kit - 1ml

510 Thread Buttonless Bud Touch Stylus Kit - 1ml

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510 Thread Buttonless Bud Touch Stylus Kit - 1ml

This device is intended for aromatherapy purposes only.

This is one of the easiest devices to use, perfect for people new to vaping. The 510 Pen Battery With Stylus Kit - 1ml is light weight, portable, the soft end can be used as a stylus for your electronics, and it’s automatic —meaning you don’t need to hold down a button while vaping. While that’s amazing for ease-of-use, it also means you need to turn it off before placing it in your pocket or purse to avoid it randomly turning on. This vaporizer is aimed for those looking to try vaping for the first time.

What's Included:

  • 1x E-Pen battery
  • 1x Tank Cartridge (1ml Capacity)
  • 1x 510 Charger
  • 1x Carrying case
  • 280 mAh - 3.7V

Convenient Standby Mode: The battery remains in stand by mode when not in use.

Stylus: The rubber tip of the battery functions as a stylus for electronic touch screen devices.

LED Light Indicator: An LED located at the bottom of the battery will glow red when you take a puff.

Automatic Power-Off Function: The battery will turn off after inhaling for 8 seconds. The power will resume automatically during the next puff.

Low Battery Indicator: The LED will flash 10 times when the battery is low.

Easy Charging Process: The LED will glow red while charging. The USB charger LED will turn green when the battery is fully charged.