Exxus Mini Hydro Adapter

Exxus Mini Hydro Adapter

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Exxus Mini Hydro Adapter

The Exxus Mini Hydro Adapter by Exxus Vape is a great way to get silky smooth vapor from your vaporizer. The Exxus Mini by Exxus Vape is creating quite a buzz as the smallest vaporizer on the market for vaping dry herbs. Even though it is tiny and compact, this unit packs a lot of punch and can easily support a glass bubbler like this one.

The purpose of this hydro adapter is to add water filtration which can produce a cleaner, smoother, more pleasant vape. This adapter is made specifically for use with the Exxus Mini.

The adapter is made out of quality glass. When attached to the Exxus Mini by Exxus Vape, this piece of equipment helps to lower the temperature of the vapor produced from dry herbs and deliver a pleasant, cool vape that isn’t too hot or dry. Water is placed in the adapter, and this is what cools the vapor and also assists in removing impurities. Some vapers state that they prefer using a hydro adapter when vaping plant material because it is less harsh.

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Weight 13 oz
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