FlicWic Hemp Wick Dispenser Lighter Case


FlicWic Hemp Wick Dispenser Lighter Case

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Quick Overview:

  • Easily light your hemp wick in one cool motion
  • Easily extinguishes the hemp wick flame
  • Holds 12″ of Hemp Wick Material
  • Comes pre-loaded with 12″ of Ital Hemp Wick
  • Light Candles, Barbecues, Campfires, and More


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FlicWic Hemp Wick Dispenser Lighter Case

The FlicWic is one of those ingenious products every pipe smoker should have. The product is an all-in-one hemp wick dispenser and lighter case. The FlicWic makes it easy to use a hemp wick to light your bowl all while carrying your lighter at the same time. No more fumbling for your lighter to ignite your hemp wick. Both are now combined in one easy to use case.

The FlicWic holds 12 feet of hemp wick and comes pre-loaded with Ital’s high quality wick. In addition to neatly storing the wick, the FlicWic also extinguishes the flame with ease. Simply thumb the dial downwards and the hemp wick is safely and efficiently extinguished. No more blowing your lungs out or pinching the end.

FlicWic is made from high quality, super-strong material that is 100% recyclable. The unit is both heat and flame resistant. (Lighter Not Included)

What’s Included:

  • 1x FlicWic Dispenser
  • 1x 12 Feet (144 inches) of wax-coated I-Tal Hemp Wick


  • The FlicWic Is Made Of A High Tech, Super Strong Material That Is 100% Recyclable
  • Heat and Flame Resistant – No More Burned Thumbs or Juggling A Lighter, Wick, and Pipe
  • Conveniently and Safely Extinguish Your Wick; With No Need To Pinch, Press, or Lick The Glowing Ember
  • Great For Emergencies; One Spool Can Provide Over 1 Hour Of Constant Flame!
  • Light Candles, Barbecues, Campfires, and More – Wick Burns Even When Wet



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