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Dr. Dabber Light Ceramic Atomizer


Dr. Dabber Light Ceramic Atomizer

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Dr. Dabber Light Ceramic Atomizer

The Dr. Dabber Ceramic Light Atomizer is a single replacement atomizer for the Dr. Dabber Light. Featuring Ceramicore technology paired with our award winning Titanium Technology, this atomizer uses a medical grade ceramic wick wrapped with a grade 4 titanium heating coil.

The wick absorbs your oils or waxes and creates smooth, flavorful draws. If you prefer having an all ceramic setup, this is the atomizer for you. (Mouthpiece not included) What is the Difference between the regular Ghost atomizers and the CeramiCore atomizers? The Dr. Dabber Light atomizer is our original award winning design which employs a grade 4 titanium coil around a glass fiber wick.

The Ceramic atomizer features CeramiCore technology, which means the core of the heating element is a medical grade ceramic rod instead of glass fibers. Some people prefer the flavor of the ceramic rod, although we still employ the original Light atomizer in our Light vaporizer pen kit because we believe it is the ultimate combination of flavor and vapor production. If you are looking for lighter vapor, the Ceramic atomizer is definitely the way to go.

  • 510 thread pattern
  • Compatible with Dr. Dabber Light Pen