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Flowermate Mini Pro v5.0S Vaporizer

Flowermate Mini Pro v5.0S Vaporizer

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Flowermate Mini Pro v5.0S Vaporizer

Are you looking for a portable, discreet, and stylish vape with full temperature control and an affordable price tag? Look no further! The Flowermate Mini Pro is the most advanced vaporizer in the Flowermate line up!

Functional and Easy

This unit is simple to use and replacement parts and accessories are readily available! Easily attach your Flowermate to a water pipe with The Water Pipe Adapter. If needed you can always order extra Mouthpieces and Mouthpiece Screens!

Precise Temperature Control

The Flowermate Mini Pro gives the user excellent control – Operating from 104°F - 446°F (40°C -  230°C). Compared to the other models, the Mini Pro allows for lower temp vaporization so you can enjoy the flavor of your materials, or higher temps ideal for concentrates!

Digital Display

The Flowermate Mini Pro features an OLED Digital Display which shows your current temp, set temp, and a battery level indicator! You’ll always know the status of your Mini Pro, and whether you can continue vaping or if it’s time for a recharge!

Simple and Fast

The Mini Pro is very simple to use, just turn it on, load the chamber, and within 30 seconds it is heated and ready to go!

Adjustable Airflow

The Mini Pro gives the user extra control, you can adjust the airflow to match your preferred experience. Combined with the Flowermate’s screens, breathing is easy with your Flowermate Mini Pro!

Quality Vapor

The short air path and glass mouth piece do a great job of cooling your vapor, providing smooth delicious sessions every time. Providing excellent flavor you can get roughly 10-15 inhales from a single fully loaded chamber.

Stylish and Sturdy

The Mini Pro is built with quality materials, featuring a ceramic heating chamber, anodized aluminum shell, and pyrex mouthpiece. This is the most polished and stylish Flowermate unit produced to date!

Excellent Battery Life

The Mini Pro contains a high quality 1800mAh battery, which can provide up to 75 minutes of vaporization! It also features a 5 minute automatic shut off to make sure you’re not wasting battery life. The USB Pass through charging allows you to use the unit while it is plugged in. The USB Charging ensures that you can easily find a way to charge your unit on the go!

Concentrate and Flower Pods

The Mini Pro comes with both a stainless steel herb pod, and a concentrate pod. The herbal pod is not required to use the unit, but it allows you to have a pre loaded pod ready to go for extended sessions!

Works Worldwide

The Mini Pro works on 100-240V, so no matter where you are in the world, it will charge via USB – No power transformer required!

Small and Discreet

The Mini Pro easily fits in a pocket, and it looks and acts like a power bank, you can charge any USB device with this unit! The chamber and mouthpiece are hidden in discreet compartments and give off little to no odor when the unit is not in use. The Mini Pro is very small, measuring in at just 1.75” W x .75” D x 3.4” H

Manufacturer Warranty

The Mini Pro comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty against defects, and a 3 month warranty on the batteries.

What’s Included:

  • Flowermate Mini Pro Vaporizer
  • Pyrex Glass Mouthpiece
  • 10mm/14mm/18mm Adapter
  • Extract Pod
  • Material Pod
  • Replacement Screens
  • Packing Tool
  • Cleaning Brush
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual