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NewSelf Aromatherapy Essential Oil


NewSelf Aromatherapy Essential Oil

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NewSelf Aromatherapy Essential Oil by Starwest Botanicals

Made with 100% pure essential oils and specially formulated, NewSelf is a blend that can help stimulate the lymphatic system, and the circulation and movement of body fluids. Helps promote detoxification by assisting in purging and cleansing the body of impurities.

Our essential oils are extracted from the root, bark, wood, seed, fruit, leaf or flower of a freshly harvested plant, and each oil is tested in our quality control laboratory for identity and purity. We combine these essential oils to create a powerful aromatherapy blend to offer a natural alternative for improving ones physical and emotional well-being, help balance ones mind and body, and purify the home.


Ingredients: Lemon, Geranium, Grapefruit, Juniper Berry, Helichrysum (Immortelle), and Rose essential oils.