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RAW Metal Rolling Tray - Mini Tray

RAW Metal Rolling Tray - Mini Tray

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RAW Metal Rolling - Mini Tray

Dimensions: 7.125 in. x 4.875 in.
  • Non GMO
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Chlorine Free
  • Gluten Free

The creators of the RAW Rolling Papers have done it again with state of the art rolling trays. Crafted for excellence, the RAW trays are perfectly designed for zero errors when rolling. The thickness and high quality of the trays provide for only the best experience. Organically made in every way the RAW trays are perfect for rolling Connoisseurs.

The RAW Mini Tray is perfect for your busy schedule. Take it anywhere you go and be RAWsome. Keep it in your car, stash it in your hiking bag or simply put it by your bed on your counter. You can not go wrong with the accessibility and ease of RAW products. Whole heartedly designed to simply make your rolling days (or nights) easier. The clean cut metal is tremendously easy to clean. Smooth and shiny effect! RAW trays are a windmill powered product made with no genetically modified organisms and are chlorine free/gluten free. The RAW tray is as vegan as it comes. For rolling enthusiasts everywhere.

The RAW vegan Tray was made to make your rolling life easier. Stick free and curved in sides make the rolling process a smooth ride that leads to flower heaven. Grab your lavender, your tray, and your favorite rolling paper.