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RYOT Verb Dry Herb Vaporizer

RYOT Verb Dry Herb Vaporizer

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RYOT Verb Dry Herb Vaporizer

With so many dry herb vapes on the market, we sat back and expected somebody to make a pocketable vape that was easy to load, easy to use and gave a hit that could truly satisfy. After years of waiting, we realized that no one was going to produce a vape “For Smokers By Smokers”. So that’s what we’ve done. HIT IT!


  • Designed for ease of use
  • Innovative stay cool smooth draw mouth piece
  • Easy load funneled oven chamber
  • Integrated stainless steel poker tool
  • Rapid Heating Temperature Control
  • OLED Display
  • Slim Hips
  • Limited 2 Year Warranty

Dimensions: 113mm x 35mm x 19mm


  • Size: 113mm x 35mm x 19mm  
  • Battery: Li-ion  
  • Battery Capacity: 1200 mAH
  • Battery Life: 300 x charge
  • Weight: 0.4kg (unit) Output
  • Voltage: 3.4+ Resistance: 1-0-1-2 ohm

What's Included:

  • RYOT VERB DHV Vaporizer
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • Cleaning Brush
  • 25 pc. Cotton Swabs

  • 1 Poker