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Overall Rating: 9.5/10

Hello and welcome to our review of the Crafty Vaporizer, by Storz and Bickel! Storz and Bickel is one of the most well known names in the vaporizer industry, and for good reason! With the quality and efficiency of their Tabletop units such as the Volcano Vaporizer and the Plenty Vaporizer, it’s no surprise to see that their Portable units, the Crafty Vaporizer and Mighty Vaporizer are some of the highest rated portable units on the market. We’ve given this unit a 9.5/10 rating as it is one of the most efficient and easy to use portable units out there today!


  • Highly Efficient
  • Great Vapor Production
  • Full Temperature Control
  • Portable and Discreet


  • Somewhat Short Battery Life
  • Temperature Controlled by Phone App (Rather than on unit buttons)

Now that you’ve seen our Pro’s and Con’s for the unit, let’s get into the full review!

What’s Included-

Crafty Vaporizer What's IncludedThe Crafty comes with everything you need to start vaporizing right out of the box! Along with the unit itself it has quite a few useful tools and items. Here’s a list of everything that comes in the package:

  • Crafty vaporizer
  • power adapter with USB cable
  • liquid pad
  • 3 spare screens
  • cleaning brush
  • herb grinder
  • filling aid
  • set of spare seal rings
  • instruction booklet

Most of this is pretty self explanatory. I’d like to make a note that the Grinder which is included, despite just being a simple 2-piece acrylic grinder, is actually really great. It does an amazing job of grinding, and the teeth are built in a way that I don’t think they’ll ever break (unlike many cheap acrylic grinders). It does come with extra screens and rubber rings which is nice should you need to replace them, and the Filling Aid is a unique thing which I can’t say I’ve ever seen with a vaporizer. It’s built to hold your pre-ground material for easy filling of the chamber. The Liquid pads are also excellent and will work to vaporize your concentrates.

Ease of Use-

Crafty Vaporizer with Phone AppThe Crafty is a very simple unit to use, just hold the power button down for 2 seconds and the LED lights will turn red signaling the unit is heating up. Once the desired temperature is reached, the lights will turn green and the unit will vibrate signalling the unit has fully heated. The vibration is a great addition as you can let the unit heat up and you don’t have to watch it the whole time to know when it’s reached your desired temperature.

it comes with two pre-set temperatures (365°F and 383°F) Which are both great settings, however it does include a full range of temperatures (104°F – 410°F) via the Phone App, and the pre-sets can be changed to whatever temperature you’d like within that range. You can easily switch between presets by pressing the power button twice while the unit is on.



Crafty Vaporizer ChamberThe Crafty unit is very efficient in utilizing all of your material. The unit itself holds roughly .2 – .3 grams of your favorite ground-up dried material. This might not seem like a lot, but because the unit is so efficient this can easily get you around 10-12 draws per session of high quality vapor. The full temperature control means you can keep it at lower temps to give a clean, delicious flavor or crank it up to it’s highest temperature to create thicker clouds without much loss of flavor. It’s recommended you fill the unit entirely for best effects, however if you just want a smaller session, the included Liquid Pad can be placed on top of your dried herbs in the chamber and the unit will still perform just as well.


Size and Portability-

Crafty Vaporizer In HandThe Crafty is a great size for portable and discreet use. It measures in at just 4.3″ tall by 2.2” wide by 1.3” deep and only weighs 4.8 oz – Perfect for slipping in your pocket or purse. The design is very comfortable in the hand, and the plastic ridges along the unit help keep it cool to the touch. It’s a bit larger than some of the other high-end portable units, but not so much that it would be bulky or awkward to carry around.

The unit fits comfortably in your hand, and the swiveling mouthpiece is great, just swivel it to the outward position after the unit has finished heating, then swivel it back in when not in use, it really makes the unit even more portable and easy to carry around.


Cleaning and Maintenance-

Crafty Vaporizer Disassembled The Crafty is a breeze to keep cleaned and well maintained. The entire top of the vaporizer (The Cooling Unit) can be removed, and disassembled for easy cleaning. You can use the included pick tool to clear out the residue that builds up, and a Q-Tip with isopropyl alcohol to completely clean it. Use the included brush to quickly brush out and remove any debris from the chamber and top screen after each use, and the unit will stay pretty clean with minimal maintenance required.

Included with each Crafty is an extra set of rubber seal rings, as well as 3 replacement screens should you need to replace them, however if you keep things well maintained you shouldn’t need to replace anything for quite a while. The Crafty Wear and Tear Set contains everything you need to keep up maintenance for a long time to come, or you can simply skip the maintenance and just buy an entire replacement Cooling Unit for a very reasonable price if you so choose. All in all, this is one of the easiest units to maintain that I’ve ever used!

Charging and Battery Life-

Crafty Vaporizer Charging PortThe Crafty includes an internal, rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery. It’s convenient to charge as it utilizes a standard Micro USB connection for charging rather than a proprietary plug. You can use any Micro USB cord to charge the unit, and it can even be charged with the Car Charger (not included with the unit). You can even purchase a power bank and use that to charge it on the go for added convenience or when a plug is simply not available. This is truly a simple and convenient system that should be standard with all vaporizers.

The battery life is possibly a drawback, a full charge on the battery will last roughly 45 minutes before depleted. This isn’t a horrible thing, but compared to the Mighty (which has a 90 minute charge life) it is a bit short. Having said that, you can still get many great sessions before the battery is completely depleted. The battery is also not replaceable, but considering Storz and Bickel’s attention to quality as well as their excellent Warranty, I doubt this would really prove to be a problem in the long run.

It takes roughly 2 hours to fully charge the battery, which isn’t bad at all compared to some of the other high-end portables, and this unit does include Pass Through Charging, which means that the unit can be used while charging (as long as it has about a 20% charge) which is a great feature.

Phone Application-

Crafty Vaporizer Bluetooth ApplicationThe Crafty includes a Free Bluetooth Application which works with both Android and iPhones, the Application is a great way to monitor and control many aspects of the vaporizer. You can change your temperature setting from Fahrenheit to Celsius, change your presets or set a standard temperature, even control the brightness of the LED lights and vibration function on the vaporizer itself. The Application also includes a plethora of information and guides, and it even keeps track of how many hours you’ve used the Crafty! You can also monitor the heating process in real time. It’s actually really cool.

The Phone Application could be considered by some as a downfall for the unit, since you can’t control the temperature directly on the unit itself like you can with the Mighty. However I personally don’t mind using the application, and it helps keep the unit less bulky by not having a display and extra buttons directly on it. All in all I think it’s a nice feature, though some might not feel the same.

Final Thoughts-

Crafty VaporizerWould I recommend the Crafty Vaporizer? Absolutely! As far as portables go, this is probably the best one on the market today. It delivers the power and efficiency of a high-end tabletop unit in a small and convenient portable size. The vapor quality is unmatched, and since I got my Crafty, I haven’t touched my other units. My only complaint personally would be the charge life (45 minutes give or take) and even that isn’t bad, I still get plenty of sessions before the unit needs to be recharged. For the price, you won’t find a better unit – especially one that works not only with dry materials but also with concentrates. I happily give the Crafty Vaporizer a 9.5 out of 10 rating, and if you’re looking for the best, well my friend, you’ve found it!



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