Vape Mood Review – Flowermate v5.0s PRO


Overall Rating: 8.8/10

Hello and welcome to our review of the Flowermate v5.0s PRO Vaporizer! Flowermate has been manufacturing high quality vaporizers for quite some time now, and the PRO is no exception. It’s taken all of the things we love from the original Flowermate v5.0s Vaporizer and upgraded them, making this one of our top recommendations for an affordable and high quality portable unit!


  • Full Temperature Control
  • Very Fast Heat-Up Time
  • Very Affordable


  • A Bit Larger than Some Units
  • Strictly for Dry Herbs
  • Uses Proprietary Charging Cord (No Micro USB)

Now that you’ve seen our Pro’s and Con’s for the unit, let’s get into the full review!

What’s Included-

Flowermate PRO What's IncludedThe Flowermate V5.0s PRO Vaporizer comes with everything you need to start vaping right out of the box! The only thing we recommend getting aside from the unit itself is a Grinder so you can ensure your herbs vape properly. I recommend the Flowermate Load X Grinder as it’s specifically made for the Flowermate units and makes loading a breeze! Here’s a list of everything that’s included with the vaporizer:

  • FlowerMate V5.0 Pro
  • Pyrex Mouthpiece
  • Charger
  • Poker Tool
  • Cleaning Brush
  • User Manual

Form and Functionality-

Flowermate PRO in handFlowermate took their flagship v5.0s vaporizer and made definitive upgrades to the units functionality, while still keeping the visual appeal that made the original so popular. Unlike the larger Flowermate v8 unit, they kept the v5.0s Pro unit the same size as the original v5, measuring in at roughly 4″ x 2.5″ x 0.75″, an great size for portability and discreet use. While a bit larger than some of the units out there, it’s still a great size and can easily be carried around in a pocket or purse. The large ceramic heating chamber holds around .3-.4 grams of your favorite dried and ground up herb, and the glass mouthpiece makes for a clean flavor. The Glass mouthpiece does have a chance of breaking, so if you’re afraid of that, you may want to get one of the silicone mouthpieces just to be safe.

The outside of the unit is made from a tough aluminum alloy, which is anodized (not painted) for the color, and the PRO is available in both Black and Blue colors to match your personality.

Ease of Use-

Flowermate PRO buttonsThe PRO is a very easy to use vaporizer, it has only 3 buttons; Power, Temperature up, and Temperature down. This system is a breeze for dialing in the settings for the experience you prefer. The OLED display shows you your current battery life, the current temperature, and the set temperature the unit is heating up to. This is a very convenient design as you can see all of the details you need quickly at a glance.

Not only is it a simple unit to use, it heats up VERY quickly. You can reach the highest temperature (446° F) in roughly 30 seconds, now that is FAST! Though the ceramic heating chamber looks very similar to the original V5.0s model, the technology has been upgraded for speedier heat up and even heat distribution – a great improvement on an already great design!

Cleaning and Maintenance-

flowermate PRO chamber and mouthpieceAs with many portable vaporizers, the Flowermate V5.0s PRO is easy to keep maintained. By brushing any debris from the inside of the chamber, and the bottom of the mouthpiece, the unit will work at peak performance for quite a while.

Once it starts getting dirty, you can simply soak your glass mouthpiece in some 90% isopropyl alcohol and use a small amount of alcohol on a Q-tip, (Just a small amount, you never want your Q-tip to be soaked in alcohol), and gently rub it on the dirty areas in the chamber to remove any residue. Wipe any remaining liquid up with a dry paper towel and your unit is good to go! You may eventually want to replace the screens to keep your airflow and the flavor of your herbs at their best.

As mentioned above, replacement mouthpieces are available in Pyrex Glass, or White or Black Silicone should you ever need to replace them.

Charging and Battery Life-

flowermate PRO chargingThe PRO took all the great things from its predecessor and built on them. The unit contains two 18650 2600 mAh lithium ion batteries, which means it can last quite a while. Unlike many units that use a single 18650 battery, the dual built in batteries on the Flowermate v5.0s PRO make it quite a contender when it comes to battery life. One downside is that the batteries are not replaceable, but in my experience this is rarely a problem, especially with a quality build which Flowermate has become known for. Charging time is fairly average (Around 3 hours or so for a full charge), and extra or replacement charging adapters for the unit can be purchased (Unfortunately, the Flowermate doesn’t use micro USB for charging).

Final Thoughts-

flowermate PRO with boxI Would definitely recommend the Flowermate v5.0s PRO unit for both new and seasoned vape users. It’s a very well built and sturdy machine, with a much faster heat up time and battery life than many other portables, particularly in it’s price range. It’s a good size for portability, and you can hide the mouthpiece in the unit for an even more portable size. It’s a simple to use portable that packs a punch, and the full temperature control all the way up to 446° F really allows you to customize your experience. There’s definitely a few things that would make it a better unit (i.e. pass through charging, Micro USB charging, ect) but overall the functionality and quality of the unit speaks for itself.

If you’re looking for an affordable, high quality portable unit with full temperature control, the Flowermate v5.0s PRO is the one for you!


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